Dr Rons Animal Hospital - Dr. Ron's - Worst Vet Office On the Planet!

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After being billed for an appointment I did not miss and having my bill immediately sent to a collection agency, I proceeded to file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and the District Attorney. Dr. Ron's office sent TWO different letters in the same envelope to the D.A. The first letter was full of false allegations, the second letter removed the allegations. Dr. Ron's closing statement sums it all up:

"If possible it would be best to charge her some fee either to you or to us for our additional time dealing with this to help send a message to stop behavior of people who feel if they complain enough they will get their way."

Apparently Dr. Ron thinks you should be fined for complaining about his poor service and shoddy business practices.

The guy is a ***, his staff is rude, and he has shady billing practices. Do yourself a favor, pay a little more and go to a REPUTABLE vet because this guy is NOT!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #811026

Funny I had the same experience!!!

to Anonymous #811036

Use Dr Hannah, he has integrity and is

an awesome vet. Dr Ron is such a loser.

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